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I am old school, but went through all the you tube problem solvers. I now have a TT that displays no Maps, cant undelete the down loaded update to Europe Map as the box remains greyed out, help


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 2,553 Superuser
    HI @MarkD54

    Does your Start 25 have an extra memory slot if so could it be the updated map will not fit. Alternatively can you download MapZones.

    Have you seen this video

  • LAURE123LAURE123 Posts: 1,320 Superuser
    Hi all


    I presume you have watched this video:

    Your Start 25 has 8GB of internal memory or only 4GB?
    The size of the EU full map is 4582MB, for a device with 4GB of internal memory you must add a micro SD card class 10 of 8 or 16 GB (max32GB) or choose a smaller EU map zone.

    You don't have an antivirus or firewall that could block MyDrive Connect (MDC)? I have to do an exception in my security software.
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    You can Try this:
    In MyDrive Connect there is an important option for installing files, verify that it's ticked (1st line)
    The files are downloaded to the computer and then transferred to the TomTom device, 2 separate steps.

    1/ tick the 1st line 'Download Updates on my computer'
    2/ empty the 'download folder', if the button is grayed out the folder is empty.
    3/ If you have a corrupted map, delete it.
    Open the submenu of the map, in "My content" go down in "My Maps", click on the map picture, not on the button and choose "Uninstall".
    4/ download the map alone, without any other items.
    Open the submenu of the map, in "My content" go down in "My Maps", click on the map picture, not on the button and choose "Install"

  • lampardlampard Posts: 3,959 TomTom Moderator
    Hi @MarkD54

    Welcome to the Community! There was an expired update of QuickGPSfix in the download queue for your device which was blocking the other downloads. I've removed it now and you can follow the steps above suggested by LAURE123 to apply these changes.

    Please download the update 1 at a time, not all together. Best order to update 1 by 1: (if offered)
    • QuickGPSfix / Navcore
    • Map
    • Speed Cameras
    • Voices
    • Mapshare update (recommended to update last)

    Cheers, lampard
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