Adding/creating poi lists on TomTom Go Camper

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My previous two TomTom navegation devices allowed me to create POI lists and add POIs to those lists and edit them individually on the go. It also allowed me to navigate to those POIs closest to my point of departure or arrival. It seems I cannot do this on the latest Go Camper which I bought precisely for this. Why not? I fear I've been swindled if TomTom has now disabled this on their latest software. All I can do is import an ov2 file from my computer which means I have to do this everytime I add a POI to that file. That's just a waste of time. Any way around this?


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    Hi @pepon

    You have not been able to create Poi categories or add Poi points to a Poi file on the Tomtom models for some years now like you could on the old units. You will have to do any modifications to a POI file off the unit.

    You will find the Extra Camper/Caravan related POI files on the Go Camper are quite comprehensive and will be updated like the maps are. It will depend what Poi files you were thinking of adding because you will find the some that I used to add like Sainsbury's or Mercadona are covered by using the search facility in the unit.

    You can save places on the Go Camper in MyPlaces, a bit like the old favourites, and they will be displayed on the map. which before you may have added to a Poi file on the old units. When you have saved some MyPlaces then when you

    Tap Menu
    Tap Search

    You will now see in the right hand column the top of your MyPlaces list. If you start to type the name of a MyPlace you have saved you will see it begin to appear the more you type at the top of the list on the right. If you Tap the Blue keyboard Bottom Right the keyboard disappears and you can scroll down the right hand column of My Places. If you Tap the Right half of the icon next to the Blue keyboard sign then you see your My Places on the map. You can tap the My Places on th mp and get a description of what the My Place is .

    You can add 3rd Party POI files via MyDrive and allocate them a coloured Icon when they are displayed on the map. You cannot download a .bmp file of ean icon for a Poi file like you used to. What I do is allocate the same colour Icon to POI files that have similar Poi's like Shops or Aires etc.

    Yes it would be nice to do what we could in the past but to be honest I don't miss it.

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    Thanks for the reply. I suspècted as much. I like to save places according to categories so lumping them all together in My Places is a bit unwieldy. Guess I'll have to get used to this new way of doing things. But I will miss the ability to make up different lists of POIs on the device. It's much too time-wasting doing it via the pc.