Insufficient memory on my GO5100

Luud Registered Users Posts: 1
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Maps of Europe are so big that there is no memory space left for a voice.
To avoid this i n future, I might want to buy a memory card (what type?), or is there an other solution?


  • DougLap
    DougLap Posts: 9,865
    Hi @Luud

    Buy a Micro SD Class 10 memory card . Choose Sandisk , Samsung or similar major maker and obtain from a reliable source to avoid possible fakes. !6gb or Max 32GB is recommended. The current full European map with Buildings is Circa 9gb and will not fit on an 8gb card.

    When you have installed the Extra memory thenwhen you update the Map on the internal memory will be removed and replaced by the new one on the extra memory.

    Tip When you have done that contact Customer support and ask if they would be kind enough to allocate a small map, any will do , to your account that you can load onto your GO5100 as it will go on your Internal memory. This ensues you have a map on the unit to boot up with if there is a problem with the SD card later.