Purchased new device, How to old sell device to my friend

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I purchased the TT5200 and would like to sell the 5000 to my riend. I have told him to use the device to see if he can live with it.

Unfortunately any routes or details he plans are also sent to my new device.

I`m sure I can delete it from my account but can I then open an new account for him, and would he still be able to receive any updates.

Thanks in advance


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    Hi @iwest

    Go into MyDrive Connect and log into your account.. If you have already set the New unit up and input your Account details then it may appear on your account otherwise select Add Device and add it there then at this point you will Sync to your new device any Favourites, Poi and Route files you have on the old one. Wait until this is finished. Don't delete the data from the old one first otherwise you will not be able to sync the data to the new one as it will be completely deleted from everywhere..

    Turn the new Unit Off and now if you look on the Page where all the units on your account are listed you will see .there is a greyish Dustbin in the Old Units picture. Tap this to delete the unit from the account. Log out of the account .

    Now create the new account for your friend and then:-

    On the old Unit.

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap System
    Tap Reset Device.
    Tap Okay to agree.

    This now deletes all your Favourites (MyPlaces,), Poi and route files you had on the unit and restores the unit back so that it has to be set up again as if straight from the Box. The Current Software and Maps on it are not affected by this. During setup your friend inputs the the New Account details and when he has put the MyDrive Software on his computer and/ or Boots up the MyDrive Webpage and logs in he should see the unit and be able to Update the unit and add Favourites, Poi and Route files he wants.

    The unit should show that it has the Lifetime maps etc that it had before as that is linked to the serial number. If you have any doubt that that is the case or he gets a message to say maps expired then get him to Contact Customer Support.so they can sort his account out.

    Customer Support numbers here in Niall's post.



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    All i did was contact customer support, gave them my sons email address, and they did the rest. No reason to delete my roots, if he dont want them he can remove himself. Less risky doing it this way.
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    Thank you everybody, I git some help from a very kind young lady at TT