No continuous connection possible on Microsoft SurfaceBook laptop

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After reading tens of dozens of posts about this recurrent issue, I'm turning towards tomtom itself for a solution.

Problem: I cannot get my tomtom Rider 410 to connect to my laptop. Well, I can, but after some 10 to 15 seconds, MyDrive Connect says "disconnected", whereas the Rider410 itself keeps displaying the "connected to computer" screen.

I have a Rider 410. I bought it new, it's registered.
I use the original tomtom USB cable to charge and update.
I have my Windows 10 laptop (Microsoft SurfaceBook) set up so USB Selective Suspend is disabled (through registry edit).
I have my SurfaceBook connected to a powered SurfaceDock.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Network Adapter software several times (and rebooted the Rider410 and the laptop more than once).

(1) When connecting to a built-in USB port; the Rider410 gets power but does NOT connect.
(2) When connecting to a USB port in the powered SurfaceDock, the Rider410 connects ... and disconnects (from the side of MyDrive Connect anyway) after a 10 to 15 seconds.

What can I do? I'm desperate. I'm even willing to ditch the tomtom for a newer model, but I'm afraid it'll be the same, since the problem only occurs with this tomtom device (no other USB connected device EVER has problems occuring).



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    The Computer Manufacturers appear to be setting "USB Selective Suspend" to ON as default
    Especially Laptops, maybe to improve the look of the battery life

    Random Disconnects on Surface Pro 3 & 4
    Do you have or have access to a 'Surface Dock', if so plug your device into a USB port on that. Others have found that to work

    On the Win10 tablets, Microsoft has hidden the "USB Selective Suspend" menu
    You will need to edit the Registry for the USB Selective Suspend menu to show