How do I kill a current trip on the GO 620 WiFi

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How do I kill a current trip?


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    Hi @Bop385

    Tap Current Route
    Tap cancel route.

    if you want to input another route just do it and it will replace the existing route.

    By the way if you Tap menu you then see the first page of menu Icons and you scroll right for others. If you Press any of the Icons for a second or so you will see 2 arrows appear in the lower corners of the icon. Tap the Left or Right arrow as required to move the Icon to where you want it to appear when you Tap Menu. So if you wanted you could move the Current Route Icon to be next to the Search Icon on the first page.

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    Dah, that's the obvious answer. What about if there is no replacement route?
    The damn thing keeps blabbering away. Very annoying. Didn't have that problem
    with my old VIA 125.
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    The Main 4Dot Menu button has 2 states...
    No Route planned = (... Menu)
    With a Route planned = (....)

    From the Main Screen... Tap 4Dot (....) Menu -->
    ( The Menu Icons swipe scroll left & right)
    Tap 'Current Route'' or 'Current Track' --> Delete 'Current Route' or 'Current Track'

    The current Route/Track will auto delete when you arrive at your destination
    Automatic Route Clearance Rules (As far as I recall)
    (1)… When you arrive to destination the route will be cleared (Inside a 50m radius)
    (2)… When the last known location is less than 400 meters from your destination AND it has been more than 120 minutes since the user suspend/turn off device, the route will be cleared automatically on the device.
    (3)… When the user suspends the device for more than a week, the route will be cleared automatically on the device

    Tomtom GO 520 User guide....