No recognition of SD Card

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Having tried top follow the TomTom guidance on recognising an SD card as a separate device but it does not appear as an option on My Drive Connect. The unit and My Drive Connect show the SD card as visible and that its full capacity is available. However there seems to be no option to load maps onto the SD card. My Drive just keeps showing the only option is to load maps onto the device.


  • dhn
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    Correct. The application will load maps on internal if it sees space on the internal device to handle selected maps.
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    Hi @Ians57

    Your GO6000 only has 8gb internal memory whiskh must be used for the operating software. If you have the Full European map on your unit and seek to up date it then it will not fit on the internal memory as the map is nearly 8.9gb.

    Your unit will download the update , delete the map on the internal memory then realise it will not be able to fit the new map on the internal memory and so then loads it on the Extra memory..