Homer voice for the iphone app tomtom

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I have the tomtom go app downloaded onto my iPhone and have the Australia map please add Homer voice


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    Hi @Denisx8132

    If it can be added for use on the App you will have to wait for @VikramK to come on the Forum. Maybe Monday otherwise Tuesday.

    While you wait you can try to put the map together. =)=)

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    Sorry to break it to you, but you'll probably never get the Homer Simpson voice, or any other custom voice for TomTom Go Mobile iOS.

    Let's face it, the TomTom Go Mobile iOS was released over 3 years ago and very few features have been added since it was launched. Even now, the legacy iOS has many more features than Go Mobile iOS.

    Yes, I know that you can get the Homer Simpson voice on TomTom PNDs but although TomTom has designed its current SatNav products to look the same regardless of platform, the iOS platform is less developed than other platforms, which might indicate that TomTom doesn't care about the iOS platform!