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I am very disapointed, that your company is using the same tricks as others do. I have purchased my device in 2016 with the lifetime maps pudates and I could not complain about it. It worked properly, all the updates were available for a while. But in only in 3 years my device all of the sudden became "unsupported" and I could not download any ohter updates. :(
So sad that your company is aming only on getting profit from the new users and do not care about loyal custumers. Thanks for your offer to upgrade to newer version of GO, however with the service like that I'd rather rely on Google navigation instead (hopefully it will be update free for chage for real Lifetime :)


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    Hi Povilas

    Welcome to the community!

    The TomTom model you have - GO 2535 was released in the year-2011

    In your perspective, yes the support has only been of 3 years but for us, we have supported it for the last 8 years.

    Despite the fact that the device has been declared EOL we will still continue to offer map updates.