Why have ALL my maps gone?

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When I switched on My TomTom Go today, the screen read “ no maps...”. I have tried everything, I am computer tech navigation etc savvy. I’m very careful with All my tech devises. My TomTom is not a year since purchase. All my clients and other important addresses where stored within. I’m raging. I know I did not do anything which would compromise my equipment, no breaks, falls, etc. I keep it in a proper protective case when it’s in my Home.
I know if and when I phone TomTom, I’m going to get asked the whole gamete of what’s, if, but, try this, try that, did you etc....I’ve done all this. I know I probably be fibbed off by a sales rep or technician. I’ve had a series of TomTom in car Navigation devices over the years. I’ve had no issues with any. Now this TomTom has lost ALL MY VALUABLE INFORMATION.
ANYONE HAVE A ROUTE OR ANYTHING ELSE I COULD TRY? Or do I Phone TomTom and know I’ll just be blamed for doing whatever