Updating my Start25 after GPS-rollover of April 6 results in misery and frustration

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My iNac seems to download the updates, but transferring the files to the Start25 results in error messages over and over again, "er is iets misgegaan, check je computer" (Sthg's gone wrong, check your computer). Resetting the device doesn't make any difference. TomTom's help page puts me into a loop, hence this question on your forum.


  • VikramK
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    Hi Henkjepiet

    This could also be because of a firewall or an antivirus affecting the connectivity.

    Also, make sure that you are using a stable internet connection.

    Vikram :)

  • Henkjepiet
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    Hi Vikram,

    I have checked, but it's a Mac, and there is no firewall or antivirus. Other paths I could ponder?

  • LAURE123
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    Hi all


    I don't cognize Mac OS. But in MyDrive Connect (MDC) there is an important option for installing files, verify that it's ticked (1st line) This should not be too different from Windows version.
    See if it can help.

    Check if you have the latest MDC version for your MAC:

    Your Start 25 has 8GB of internal memory or only 4GB?
    The size of the EU map is 4582MB, for a device with 4GB of internal memory you must add a micro SD card class 10 of 8 or 16 GB (max32GB) or choose a smaller EU map zone.