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Hi I have a TT Go5000 which has worked ok until last update of Europe maps - it says memory card too small. Its an 8Gb card, and holds the maps. If I remove the card and install a formatted 16Gb card the device won't load because there are no maps on the device memory to run the device. Tried all sorts of workarounds - to no avail. Someone has suggested purchasing a small map and loading it onto the device so that I can then put in the larger SD card - but reluctant to do that, spending £25 for a map I don't need doesn't make good sense! Currently running with a cut down Europe map, which seems ok - but it grieves me that I have a system that isn't working as it should because there doesn't seem to be an obvious way of upgrading to a larger memory card.


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    Thanks very much for your help and support. I was able to download the map to my device and then format my 16GB SD card. I've just finished uploading the Europe map and all works very well.

    Thanks again for your advice and support.
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    You're welcome, glad you're sorted :)