TomTom 930 broken and need other model

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I have a TomTom Go 930 and now it is broken. I need to buy another but i have some mistakes. I use frequently a itn file or I plane a route with Itinerary option.
Which model must I buy to include this option or similar (diferents point in a route (intermediats and finals)?
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    Hi @XavierGargallo

    @YamFazMan can help you with this. He has been flagged re this.

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    All of the Later/Latest NAV4/5 (Wi-Fi) devices can use .ITN Routes

    You can not define a Stop as a intermediate, all Stops are treated as a Stop
    If the Stop is a known location on the Tomtom map, the name of the location will be announced, you cannot choose the name of the Stop

    How many stops Per Route are you likely to use ???

    If you use Postcodes I would avoid the Start 42/52/62 models there is a long standing Bug where the Postcode AND the name of the Road have to be entered before you can execute a Search