Map Problem in Italy causing Routing Error

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A few years ago i noticed that in the city of Pometo (PV) there is an issue with one of the main roads.

Basically the strech of Via Della Chiesa (44.926939, 9.277475) located between here (44.926096, 9.279597) and here (44.927506, 9.275030) is classified as a strada provinciale, but it isn't.
The actual main road is the one below (44.926303, 9.278237) located between here (44.925901, 9.279599) and here (44.927511, 9.275022).

Also the name of the roads are wrong because "Via della chiesa" is actually the main road but is not the street indicated in your maps (it's the one below).

I tried reporting this with mapshare many times but to no avail (c0260afe-7313-4581-a08f-31ecd57a7117, 7c6d5e84-a459-46db-a5c4-14c3a1eaf9c8, aa172be2-48b2-4450-837f-a984d396f239, 04437c9a-6d4e-4e7c-b1ba-4357c4aee601, fec10a7b-4768-4fe1-9e60-e08a95df9dbc, 280cddd9-061a-4c66-8522-92059f70e724, b2d2edab-efe3-4ed8-9807-e80eeb853297, a90efcd5-6ad2-4ef5-9395-e9242ece475e).
I also attached a picture i took as proof to all the reports but they are still "pending" even after years.

Google maps and other map providers have the correct information in their map:

Hopefully someone here can forward this to the map team in order to get this fixed especially because the road you are directed to is very small and dangerous (full of potholes).


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    The two latest reports are still pending (b2d2edab-efe3-4ed8-9807-e80eeb853297, a90efcd5-6ad2-4ef5-9395-e9242ece475e).

    Can someone please look into this?
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    I can relate to this problem. I live in Estepona on the costa del sol and always use my devise when driving for the traffic and speed camera info. On some occasions I have found my tomtom devise is pretty accurate when directing me to a certain area but when looking for a specific address, restaurant, POI etc etc I then switch to google maps which yes does have some errors but you can trust google maps a bit more to get you there.