Where is the 3 year subscription, which features are not supported in the app, and... ?

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Where's the 3 year subscription of 45€? I've read about it on news sites, but I can only find the annual 20€ one.

The navigation devices have got a feature called 'Speak & Go'. I believe that that's the voice search. Is that in the app? Because I can't find it.
Are there any other features not supported in the app that are in the devices?

And how big is a traffic update in MBs or KBs, and what is the traffic update frequency?


  • walkerx
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    they used to do 3 year subscriptions on the product, but not anymore from what i know

    there isn't a speak & go feature on the smartphone app

    the updates aren't that large and are regular (i think every couple of minutes but could be quicker, not tested this though)