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My tom tom XL won't find GPS signal

I went to use my device today and it just kept searching for the GPS, i ended up having to use my phone instead. Would this be because of the GPS number roll over thing? I did check that only my estimated time of arrival would be affected and that it would still navigate, but it can't navigate if it can't find the signal. Is there anything i can do to get it back or do i have to fork out for a newer model?


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,856
    Hi @Gellerbing

    Try a Soft Reset. When the unit is on hold the ON/OFF button down for about 20 seconds until you hear the Drumroll Sound.

  • GellerbingGellerbing Posts: 10 [Master Traveler]
    Thanks but when i tried it nothing happened, the device just turns off
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