Importing POI's into Mydrive for android on a tablet or phone

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Hi, I've just upgraded from the Tomtom GO 920 to the Tomtom Rider 500. I can import my GO 920 POI's and Itineraries onto my Tomtom Rider 500. And have done this. However, I've just been told by Tomtom support these will not sync with Mydrive on my Tablet or phone.
I can plan an Itinerary (called 'My route') on my tablet or phone from scratch (but, can't put in any POI's) and send it to the Rider but not the other way round.
My question is how do I import the Itineraries / POI's I already have into Mydrive on my tablet or phone to use. I can't recreate them from scratch as they include POI's
I don't really see the advantage of Mydrive on my tablet if its only a one-way sync and I can't plan a proper route using all the facilities of the Sat Nav.
Any advice would be very much appreciated.