Supported TomTom models

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please could somebody from the support side post a list of which device's are no longer updated as i don't want to go buy a new device and find the i cannot update the maps and i cannot seem to find a list anywhere.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @mark_sheppard

    The units that have been made obsolete are generally but not exclusively ones with minimal Internal Memory and no provision for adding extra memory. The are mostly having only 2GB of internal memory.

    Maps today are much bigger, for example the Full European map is circa 9Gb, and the very latest models have 16gb of internal memory and the ability to add up to 32GB of external memory. The models issued before the latest have 8Gb of Internal memory and the same 32gb extra memory facility. As a result Storage for software and maps etc is far better catered for and provided as a precaution you keep a small map on the internal memory, you can change around where maps are stored on the unit or indeed leave them off for a while if you want if you don't need them although I would not recommend that unless you have too..