Touch screen un-responsive

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HI, Last week I was caught in a down pour in France. I was not concerned as the Tom Tom rider is supposed to be water/shower proof. after a bit of time the screen started jumping around and doing its own thing. when we arrived at our destination, I noticed that there appeared to be water behind the screen. I took it off the bike and have given it 5 days to dry out in rice. on switching it on all appears normal now. I connected it to the computer and it has updated but he touch screen will not respond when you try to activate the options button, screen zoom and others. it will allow me to move the map around but very slowly.

I cant believe that Tom Tom claim this product to be water/shower proof it cant withstand a bit of rain

Any ideas on how to rectify greatly appreciated


  • RoadRider
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    Contact TomTom support for repair.
  • DougLap
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    Hi @meatyRob

    Try putting it in a Bag with a load of Rice and leave for a while.

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    thanks Doug, I'm trying the bag of rice at the moment if that doesn't work I'll see if the will repair it under warranty as its supposed to be showerproof
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    yep, sux for sure. mine has done that a few times now