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Via 620; Upgrade Has Affected Settings

It has worked perfectly for years.

After the recent "upgrade", every few minutes, it shows the Main Menu screen, the Settings screen and/or a message that I have selected a human voice that does not give traffic warnings etc.

I KNOW THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I press Done and return to the Map screen but the same thing happens again and again.

I have selected only Read early instructions (Ahead, Turn Left); all others are unchecked.

The voice that I have used for years is "Ken".

It is most irritating to have the map-screen change to one of the above every few minutes and to have to press Done or whatever to return to the map-screen only to have the same thing happen over & over.

Can anyone please help?

I am leaving on a trip in a few days and I need the Via 620.



  • kerrypkerryp Posts: 8 [Master Explorer]
    The problem has now gone-away; I managed about 40km trouble-free today.

    I have no idea what caused it, other than the "upgrade" as it started immediately after that.

    I have fingers crossed that it will not re-appear; I am starting a long trip soon, during which I have to find about 20 points identified by lat/long co-ordinates for which maps are not sufficiently-precise.


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