After the WNRO updated on 6th April, my device just says "Waiting for a valid GPS signal..." — TomTom Community

After the WNRO updated on 6th April, my device just says "Waiting for a valid GPS signal..."

All that was supposed to happen was that the device would not display the date but instead it just doesn't work at all! Is this going to be fixed? I should not need to have to buy a new device when my existing one should still be able to navigate to a location.


  • GellerbingGellerbing Posts: 10 [Master Traveler]
    Mines the same :/
  • NC_NC_ Posts: 1,569 [Revered Navigator]
    Any status change on this? I learned from a friend that his device is doing the same thing.
  • NigelT_57NigelT_57 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Traveler]
    No change from my end. I've tried doing an update via MyDrive Connect but it connect to my sat nav at all. I've tried restoring from a backup but still the same message.

    In my view, TomTom are obliged to fix this. If it was supposed to work after the WNRO but it doesn't, they have to provide a fix. Even Microsoft, when they release a new operating system, give their customers a free upgrade for a certain length of time and if there's a bug that needs fixing, they fix it.

    I wonder what a "legal expert" would make of this fiasco?
  • TravelYourWayTravelYourWay Posts: 2 [New Seeker]
    Same problem and it's caused me nothing but grief as I travelled in Europe. No help from customer service. Finally had to purchase a sim card and use my phone for directions. Anyone know what's going on? I haven't had a response from TomTom on this issue.
  • NigelT_57NigelT_57 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Well, it was worth waiting. Having done nothing at all and having heard nothing from TomTom directly, yesterday I connected my XL device to HOME via my PC and after the "Loading" message disappeared, the available list of updates to download was 4 including quite a large update for Maps. When I had tried previously, all I had in the list was 1 update, so something has changed from TomTom's end.

    I loaded all 4 updates and my device worked immediately, insofar as I can now plan a route. All that is not working is the clock which is what was supposed to happen after the WNRO.

    So I suggest those of you who were having the same problem as me, reconnect your device to HOME and see what comes up to download this time. If you get more than 1 update, as I did, go for it, as I can now use my existing device without having to pay out for a new one!
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