I can't log into MyDrive Connect app v10.25 with a valid password

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I have the Start 50/5 unit. It requires the app "MyDrive Connect" in order to load new maps. I don't have the app running constantly on startup as I manually connect every 3 months to update the maps myself. There are usually updates to the app that need to be handled before I can update my device. I bought the unit in Jan 2015 and this process has been working ok. Except today.
I start the MyDrive Connect app, it is version 10.15, and it prompts me to update to 10.25, which I do. The app restarts. When I try to log into MyDrive Connect, there is a 60 second pause and then it returns to the login screen with no change. If I purposely enter the wrong password, I immediately get an error message. I can also log into tomtom.com ok, so my password is valid. I rebooted the machine and tried again; same result. I exit the app and start it in Admin Mode; same result. If I can't log into the app, I can't update my device.


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    Having same problem. Can log into website but not through MyDrive Connect
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    OK I kept trying and eventually got through. Apparently when the servers are very busy, the client app MyDrive Connect does not know how to handle the returned error code. Not very friendly.
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    On the rare occasions that I have problems with MyDrive connect
    I use either.....
    Option... (1) Delete MyDrive Connect using the free version of Revo Uninstaller
    Option... (2) Delete the Home3 and the Mydrive Connect Folder

    Option…(1) Delete MyDrive Connect using the free version of Revo Uninstaller
    Download & install the free version of Revo Uninstaller
    Revo first uninstalls the Program... Then scans and removes all of the left over files a normal uninstall leaves behind

    (1)... Uninstall MyDrive Connect Using the Revo Uninstaller
    (2)... Clear your browsers cache (Optional, but I find it helps)
    (3)... Restart your PC (Not Turn Off & Turn On again)
    Reinstall MyDrive Connnect (Without your device connected)
    Connect & Turn on your device... Login to MyDrive Connect

    Option... (2) Delete the Home3 and the Mydrive Connect Folder
    If you have installed MyDrive Connect to the default location using Windows 10
    It's located here... C:\Users\"Your Computers Name goes here"\AppData\Local\TomTom\

    If you delete the Home3 and the Mydrive Connect Folder it removes the Cache Folders & Contents, Prefs.ini, cookies.ini. Logs and Configuration.xml files and and force a reload of the Cache Data
    A new Home3 and MyDrive Connect and their contents are created fresh the next time you use MyDrive Connect
    You will have to login again, as if you had just installed MyDrive Connect


    Step-by-step instructions for removing the 'Home3' Folder and the 'MyDrive connect' folder....
    See... https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/1134289/connection-problems-mydrive-connect-delete-the-home3-mydrive-connect-folders

    Here's a similar solution recently suggested by Tomtom support ....
    Click on the spoiler Icon to view the reply...
    Step by step MyDrive Connect fix from Tomtom support....
    I will share certain steps with you for troubleshooting and request you to perform it as it is.
    1) Close MyDrive Connect completely.
    2) Make sure there are no TomTom related processes running in task manager.
    -The Task Manager can be found by pressing the keys Ctrl+Alt+Del and then selecting Task Manager
    3) Uninstall MyDrive Connect via the Control Panel
    4) Delete the TomTom folder from the Program files.
    -Go to Start and then My Computer/Computer/This PC
    -Delete the MyDrive Connect folder from C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86)
    5) Check each username profile (marked as <username> here) and make sure the TomTom folders are deleted from the following locations:
    -C:\Users\<username>\AppData\\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files
    6) Press the Windows Key + R to open the run window.
    - Type in %temp% then press OK . Delete as many files from this location as possible. Some files can not be deleted. This is normal.
    7) Restart the computer.
    8) Create a new Administrator account in Windows.
    -Create a simple username, for instance TomTom, with no spaces or special characters (like â, é, ë etc.).
    9) Log out of the current account and log in with the new administrator account.
    10) Reinstall MyDrive Connect.
    - Go to https://help.tomtom.com/hc/articles/360013959499-Installing-MyDrive-Connect
    - Download MyDrive Connect.
    -Go to the download folder, right-click on the file MyDriveConnect.exe and press run as administrator.
    11) Check the status of the program in the firewall
    11) Then connect the device to the computer and follow the update and install it. The update should go through.
    Make sure to install the update one at a time.
    Stay safe... ATB YFM