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How can I upload POI to via 125?

Seems TomToms latest method of uploading POI to navigation device only supports newer devices. I cannot use MyDrive to upload POI. Does anyone know how to upload POI to older devices such as my VIA 125?

TomTom is horrible on support. I will never buy one of there products again. However, I still want to be able to use my older device for trips to America and getting my plaaned POI's into my device is much easier to import a file instead of typing them in manually.

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  • JohnCallahanJohnCallahan Posts: 5 [Master Explorer]
    @YamFazMan - Many thanks for the feedback. Works like a charm. I just wish the TomTom would would provide better help info when they changes things. To be fair though, I only use my TomTom when I visit the states, so I have not kept up with the latet changes. Yet again, TomTom could provide better support :/
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