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Taking the GO50 overseas

I want to take my GO50 from Australia to Europe. Does it contain a lithium battery? The airlines seem sniffy about them. Is it safe to fly?

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  • philfeltasphilfeltas Posts: 2 [New Seeker]
    Thanks John-Jay for taking the trouble to reply.
    Yes, all major international and most domestic airlines have issues with lithium batteries in the cargo holds. Lithium battery overheating and fires have downed at least two planes and cost lives so I guess that they have reason. Basically you are allowed to take lithium batteries in your hand luggage if they are in electronic devices. Spare batteries are more of an issue because if packed incorrectly, they have the potential to short out on items in luggage and on each other. I want to pack my GO50 in my heavy checked baggage as I will not need it for the first couple of weeks. I suspected that it might have a lithium battery but I was not sure. You would think TomTom would be able to confirm this but if so, I could not find anything online or in the manual.
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