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Which way is north

RogerLloydRogerLloyd Posts: 6 [Master Explorer]
I have a TomTom Via 53. I had an older TomTom which told me which way was north. My new improved TomTom does not seem to do this. I like to know which way is North because It helps my orientation, particularly sometimes when I like to use the map but do not know the post code of where I am trying to go. Question 1) Does anybody else like to know where North is ?
Question 2) Can I get a North icon displayed on my TomTom Via 53 ?

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  • RogerLloydRogerLloyd Posts: 6 [Master Explorer]
    Thanks for stating that there IS a direction of travel indicator (which, by the way, is what a compass is) on my TomTom Via 53. I had never noticed it. It is very small and more of a triangle than an arrow. I do not need a lesson in geography, just better eyesight apparently, or a better user interface (TomTom designers please note how to help the elderly and those with less visual accommodation).

    Another note to the designers: I cannot find anywhere on the TomTom that says it is a VIA 53. It does say model 4AL51, but it does not say VIA 53. How silly of me to expect that !
  • RogerLloydRogerLloyd Posts: 6 [Master Explorer]
    Hi YFM,
    Yes, again you are quite correct about the difference between a compass and a direction of travel indicator. I very am happy that there is one there. It is easy to tell which is which after making a single turn. I am totally happy with either - if I can see it clearly. In my opinion the shape of the triangle needs to be more asymmetrical so that the direction of travel is clearer.

    Thanks for your info about TomTom model name. I was not clever enough to read about that in the voluminous instructions (which I only discovered today). Being old fashioned, I expect the model name written on the outside of the product and visible without the need for battery power or correct electronic functioning.

    Thanks for your help.
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