Calories on my watch

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I would like to know how to set the calories of the watch, every morning as soon as I open my eyes the watch shows that I have burned 500 calories which does not help me to keep track, by meaning the watch is useless in terms of calories..... please someone help me to solve the problem!


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    If you were alive and breathing, digesting, etc. then you were burning calories and that is what a 24/7 activity tracker is supposed to be tracking. It computes a BMR based on your gender, height, weight, etc. and takes this along with steps and sports activities to come up with calories burned. Between midnight and whenever you woke up you burned 500 calories just being alive. This is exactly what it and all other activity trackers are designed to do. In my experience it is generally accurate (or as accurate as BMR based calculations can be as they are based on averages).