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My TomTom GO 930 is now obsolete. I was directed to web page offering
Update your TomTom hardware today!
Enjoy faster, easier, cable-free updates along the way!

However, the web page won't allow me to exercise the offer for a GO 620 at at reduced cost because I am not the US. It asks that I enter my country, but Canada is not on the list of available countries.

Is the offer not available in Canada?


  • Marcello
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    Pls look here: https://www.tomtom.com/en_ca/drive/car/
    I'm from the Netherlands, our best TomTom offers can be found at Mediemarkt (big retailer with better prices than TomTom including discounts)
  • rwmac
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    Mediemarkt seems to offer the GO 620 at regular prices, no mention of the 30% loyalty discount. Also I am not able to find a way to add an item to the cart on its site.
  • Glenn_Canada
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    TomTom is not being sold "directly" in Canada .. some sort of legal issue. You have to buy it from a store with stock still or off Amazon etc.
  • rwmac
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    Yes, I know TomTom is available from a store or Amazon, but none offer the advertised 30% loyalty discount I received from Mt TomTom HOME account.
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    Well I was sent the 30% discount from tomtom so I bought it then I found the same device £28 cheaper on an other website not connected with TomTom, I contacted tomtom customer services & was told "if you want to buy it at the cheaper price elsewhere then please refuse your order" I was then told my moneý would be refunded to me within a few days!! Have been a loyal customer for many years buying several TomTom devices over the years. To hear this as there responce I think I will refuse the item. Am disgusted by tomtom.
  • TheCanadian
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    I am very upset with TomTom. As an European I always used TomTom, even here in Canada. I have two (2) GO 1005 which now are obsolete. Very disappointed!
    On top of that, I cannot get the LOYALTY DISCOUNT in Canada, forcing me to purchase from UK!?
    Why is that? I expect that the Corporation does not discriminate among their loyal (pun intended) customers.
    Also I expect that TomTom will honor their LOYALTY DISCOUNT in the country the customers reside.

    Please comment and advise TomTom.
  • VikramK
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    Hi @TheCanadian

    Welcome to the community!

    A loyalty discount could work on a website or webshop where we sell devices directly to our customers.

    In Canada we sell our devices through retail or online stores where a discount voucher provided by us will not be considered valid.