R-link clock reset

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I updated my Renault R-link dashboard nav
Now the clock reads --:--
How do I reset it?


  • MarS1700
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    I have same problem and I need a help to solve this problem
  • Troubadix12
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    RLink-Support only via Renault (-Dealer)

    There is no Support via TomTom


  • LuluLarge1973
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    Good Day

    I am battling to dowload the new version of the TOM Tom, I just get a message Server is busy
  • DougLap
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    Hi @LuluLarge1973

    Where some have reported getting Servers Busy, when trying to update units, they have resolved by Re-entering Account details and Password in MyDrive Connect software settings or Completely deleting MyDrive Software from their PC's and re-downloading from Tomtom site.