How to repear loading my TT Rider (2006) factory Hard reset

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I have an old but working Navigator.
Not so long ago stopped reading SD card.
I need help getting him back to work.
I tried this manual, but nothing like this happens.
20 seconds reset + 5 seconds power button. It appears on the display information about the Navigator, technical data, but then nothing happens as soon as you release the power button immediately asks for the SD card.

It doesn't work.


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    A hard reset on Rider (2006) and Rider 2nd (2007) is NOT done by a long press to the power button. Inspect the connectors of the unit: You'll find the mini-usb data connector, the socket for the 3mm power plug and a 1mm hole. The reset switch is behind this small hole. Turn the unit on and use a paperclip to press the reset button.

    A reset to factory settings can be done via the settings pages. As usual.

    This old devices indeed require the contents of the sd-card to boot. They don`t have a internal memory. If contents of the SD card still can be read on a PC card reader then do it and copy all files to the PC. With luck you may copy everything to a other sd card (not easy to purchase one this times). With no luck the stone-age satnav may end in the trash bin.