Favorites disappeared after remove a old Navigation device

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Hello I 'am Albert and I have a question:
My favorites on my new tomtom go 5200 have disappeared, after I removed the favorites on my old tomtom go 5000 on my device, due to the sale of the go 5000. Both devices were managed under one account. How do I get these favorites back? Because these favourites are not visible on My Drive? Who has an idea for solving this?

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    Hi YamFazMan,
    thank you for your detailed answer. What you describe is that both navigation devices under one account synchronize with each other. I had already found out that my new TT 5200 automatically took over all my MyPlaces live favorites.

    So I knew there is synchronization, so I manually removed my old TT 5000 live offline from my MyDrive on the TT 5000 live the favorites and no longer with a cable connected to my PC to MyDrive.

    I have then sold this old TT 5000 to a new user, but apparently too late to remove the TT 5000 live from my MyDrive account. Apparently the serial number remains the determining factor for the synchronization, so as soon as the new user activated my old TT 5000 live on his account, an unwanted synchronization was performed within my account.

    So I guess that caused me to lose all my My Places. And now I understand that I can't recover anything now, because I didn't make a backup from MyDrive to my PC. By the way, I didn't even know this was possible, so now I can!

    Kind regards Albert