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You cannot use this map on this device

I have just updated my navigation device Via 220 , and the updated map I've downloaded (included in the patch) does not work. If I knew that I would just have left the old map on the device. The reason I did the patch update is that on 6 April 2019 it stopped sustaining a connection to the satellites. Apparently that bug with 1024 issue. Hence the patch update. But now I REALLY have a big, since the map won't load. I didn't know that would happen. Can I reload my old map somehow? Or will I know be forced to buy a new map? Is there a backup of my old map before this patch + new map installed? Can I go to the C drive of my PC and re-install the old map? Happy for the bug fix patch - not happy for the lost map, since now it really IS a brick!

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  • LeonardHLeonardH Posts: 8 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Good morning Vikram,
    I have managed to do the steps you recommended.

    Please connect your device to MyDrive Connect and the jobs will get process(map gets deleted) - yes, map got deleted - I had no map on the device.

    Once done, disconnect-reconnect the device and check for updates.
    Yes I did that, and it appears that the only map available for download is the one that didnt want to load - but I tried anyway. Updated the device successfully with all the recommended updates. Rebooted, and again - You cannot use this map on this device New_Zealand. So, ended up again with the same problem.

    Suggestion. Please ask the team to mark the map on the account as inactivated. (Okay, but I still need a map)
    Then : Either give me a free updated map, or let me download my old map, or is there a backup of my old map on my C-drive before I started applying the recommended software (patches, map, voice etc)?
    The team can't delete the map that doesn't work, then give me back the same map that doesn't work. That is just a circular "fix" that doesn't fix anything.

    Or, I am completed wrong in what I said, please explain why I again get the error : You cannot use this map on this device ?

    Many thanks for your helping and patience.

    Cheers, Leonard.
  • LeonardHLeonardH Posts: 8 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Good moring @VikramK
    Do you mind to help me one more time please?
    My device is still stuck.
    Thank you,
    Regards, Leonard.
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 12,726 Moderator
    edited April 2019
    Hi @LeonardH

    Shouldn't happen again when the map has been reinstalled.

    Surely a case for the customer service to investigate. I would recommend that you contact them and let them know the troubleshooting steps we already tried.

    Vikram :)
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