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Hi, I went through the update process for my go50, but it failed part way through. Now I have no maps on my device. I can't put them on as there is not enough space due to larger maps even if I delete everything else . I can't get the satnav to accept the memory card that I.m trying to use to give more memory. I've tried resetting but no joy and also restarting but still have the same issues


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    What size card are you trying?

    The device can handle up to 32 gb in size but I suggest a 16 gb SanDisk class 10 card.
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    Hi, thanks for answering. I have tried numerous cards, a couple of 16gb and a 32gb all known brands. I can't get past the 'no maps installed' screen on the nav so that I can get to the formatting screen and it doesn't automatically recognise the memory card from within 'MyDrive connect'.
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    I was attempting to update my new Go Essential TomTom (two days old) and this resulted in the loss of all maps on my device. I am in shock. Despite trying various ways to reload my Europe maps I'm finding it is impossible. Is it known what causes this reaction?...can anything be done to help me? Can it be repaired? Frankly I'm so disappointed in this product and intend to demand I get a replacement or my money back.
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    GI @robertandrea

    What did you do to manage that. Does the link below help.

    You should be able to turn the unit on and if it does not say there are any updates available you can check by
    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap Updates
    The select the updates one at a time if you have more than one and if there is one do a Software update as the first one .


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    All sorted. I ended up messaging customer care. They gave me a downloadable map that would fit my device. This then enabled me to install the and format the memory card and then install the larger maps :)