Link doesnt work, says activity not found

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When I upload using my computer it uploads fine but then the link that goes to the website doesn't work. It says activity not found. Is there a way of reuploading the file? I have the tomtom gps watch original file, is there a way of getting a .gpx out of this?


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    When you log into MySports directly through a browser, not using the link, is the activity there? It could just be a bad link but the activity may still be uploaded. If you can find the ttbin file you can force an upload (if there is no ttbin it is lost). To force Sports to reupload an activity you need to do the following:

    1 - Exit Sports Connect on your computer (you must use a computer to reupload – right click on the tray icon and select Exit).

    2 - Locate the ttbin files (if they are not there the activity is lost and not recoverable - what is on the watch is just summary data, all the detail is gone). On a PC the ttbins are saved in a dated folder for the date of the activity under C:\Users\{User Name}\TomTom Sports\{Watch Name}.

    3 - On Apple Devices, connect your device to the computer, open iTunes, select your device in the iTunes sidebar, select Sports on the Apps tab under File Sharing and the ttbin files are listed on the right-hand side. Right-click (Mac: ctrl-click) a file to copy it and save it to your computer. In Android, the ttbin files are stored on the internal SD in (/sdcard/TomTom_Sports/[serial number of watch]/workouts/uploaded/).

    4 - Copy them to your computer

    5 - Place the ttbin files in the serial number directory:
    Windows: C:\Users\[user name]\TomTom Sports\[serial number]
    Mac: [home dir]/TomTom Sports/[serial number]

    6- Restart Sports Connect and connect your watch

    7 - Go the Settings page (click the gear icon on the top right) and press the 'Try again' button to re-upload the files.
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    Hi, I have done this, I have the ttbin file, however the same happens, it says 'We cannot find your activity. Perhaps you have used an outdated link or you are not logged in as the owner of the activity?' on the link given. Any ideas? Ideally I'd be able to convert this ttbin file to a gpx so i can automatically upload to strava.
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    Fixed it, reset the watch and reconnected it to my account. It seems that it wasn't synced to my account for whatever reason.