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Rider time resets to 0:00



  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 361 [Supreme Pioneer]
    edited May 2019

    I read very positive reactions from people that fixed there Rider 5 (K4) with your fix (v6) on Dutch fora. So many thanks for this.

    Do you know more about the Zumo 660?

    This is Garmins reaction to Dutch users;
    Bedankt dat u contact heeft opgenomen met Garmin Support.
    De problemen die u omschrijft hebben te maken met de GPS roll over. U kunt hier meer over lezen op onze support website. Hoewel de roll over invloed heeft op de datum en tijd van uw Zumo blijft het apparaat dezelfde positioneringsprestaties leveren als voor de roll over.

    Helaas worden er voor uw toestel al enige tijd geen software updates gemaakt omdat deze out of service is.
    Als er nog iets is waarmee ik u kan helpen, dan ben ik u uiteraard graag weer van dienst. Als alternatief kunt u ook naar aanvullende informatie zoeken op onze website: http://support.garmin.com/nl-NL/
    Met vriendelijke groeten,

    Thank you for contacting Garmin Support.
    The problems you describe have to do with the GPS roll over. You can read more about this on our support website. Although the roll over affects the date and time of your Zumo, the device continues to deliver the same positioning performance as before the roll over.

    Unfortunately, no software updates have been made for your device for some time because it is out of service.
    If there is anything else I can help you with, I will of course be happy to assist you again. Alternatively you can also search for additional information on our website: http://support.garmin.com/nl-NL/
    With best regards,

    I dit hear about Garmin maybe is going fix WNRO for the Zumo 660 massages in German Fora. Do you know if this is true?
  • tiljestiljes Posts: 229 [Exalted Navigator]
    Hi, no, I don't know any more. Garmin doesnt use opensource like TT, so my hands are tied. Just don't remove the battery and the 660 will continue to work.
  • pyjohnsonpyjohnson Posts: 3 [Neophyte Traveler]
    @tiljes You have a fix for Rider 5 (K4), please share.
  • tiljestiljes Posts: 229 [Exalted Navigator]
    Cant share it here. It's only a workaround and not a real fix (cant fix the gps firmware). USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. It's not tested by TomTom and I am also not a professional coder. If you still want to take the risk send me your mail address
  • JosepsJoseps Posts: 21 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Be all aware a community fix was shared in the main rollover thread: https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/discussion/1108335/gps-week-number-roll-over/p6
    Those guys are geniuses :)

    I have done a few tests in my 2013 (K4) and it seems to work nicely, even with the Minilog and Height apps (amazingly Minilog never failed even with the clock broken perfectly, but the file names generated had a wrong date)

  • tiljestiljes Posts: 229 [Exalted Navigator]
    edited July 2019
    Thanks @VikramK
    Just note, this won't fix the date supplied by the GPS chip. Therefor, whoever uses MiniLog or similar 3rd party apps relying on the NMEA data, you'll get the wrong date. However, my workaround doesn't seem to interfere with the update, so you can leave it installed and MiniLog will continue to log the correct date. Note though that interference probably will become an issue in the future. I haven't tested out when this will be, but it's probably gonna be many years in the future.
  • jhampshirejhampshire Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
    edited August 2019
    Thanks. The latest update fixed my TomTom Rider Model 4GD00. It had the time issue related to April 6 rollover.
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