Route not being followed on Satnav

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I need my satnav to follow a planned route exactly. I have created a route on my Mac on MyDrive using stops, synced it with my Start52, the route appears in the route list, but when previewing it, at one particular point the blue route line ignores the stops (even tho the flags are there on the map!) and goes a different way. The way it goes doesnt even make sense in relation to the overall route.
Any ideas? I've tried all sorts of things.


  • Lochfrass
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    Have you set in Routeplanning charakters?
    Avoid Toll roads, unpaved roads or something?
  • Ste7ios
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    Be sure that you’ve checked “Sync this route as a track...” or add more stops to force a more exact route.

    See the differences between routes and tracks in the user manual and this forum...