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I have been using my Tom Tom Multisport off and on over the last few years. Now I go out on a run and it is telling me it is "full" and then it just shuts down. Is there something I should do. When I hook it up to my computer, doesn't it move the data from the watch to the computer, so as not to overload the watch?

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    Hi @QuestiontoTom

    Welcome to the Community! Please see the reply here from tfarabaugh about clearing the storage on your watch.

    Thanks, lampard
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    I have the same problem as above. Memory full. I have deleted some info on my computer and it now appears that the watch is functioning again. I was hoping to be able to see the reply from tfarabaugh but it does not appear here for me to read.
    Bruce McMart1n
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    Hi @BruceMcMart1n

    Click on the word here in @lampard's reply post above you last one. It could do with being a bit clearer that it is a link.