I am annoyed that I cannot use a paid for subscription for my Rider for Speed Cameras - WHY?????

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I have to say that having had my original TomTom Rider for many years I am disappointed to find that you no longer will update it. In June last year I bought one years Speed Camera updates but now cannot use that purchase - I am barred through no fault of mine except showing faith in TomTom. The offer you make is disappointing bearing in mind the proliferation of satnav software systems though I do recognise that ones for motorcycles do have to be both robust and waterproof, but with the similar proliferation of waterproof cases for mobile phones, you will have to try very hard to maintain your market-share which I believe will diminish unless you develop a wiser marketing strategy. A comparison of TomTom motorcycling satnavs with your car models shows a very marked price difference and with motorcycling showing signs of a reducing share of road use, I wonder where your future lies, not with me I fear.


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    Do you have a similar complaint against say Microsoft fro no longer supporting windows 98
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    Check with customer services (but do NOT give details of you device till you are actually talking to a rep)

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