How to merge my routes ?

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TomTom provide some excellent motorcycle routes.
When there are two different and separate routes within riding distance, it would be great to merge them as one my route file.
Anyone know how to do that please ?
That would then allow some manual editing to create another separate route to link the other routes together. That in turn could be merged, the result being a seamless motorcycle route.


  • danielforniestomtom
    danielforniestomtom Staff Posts: 35 Staff
    Hi Nichol!
    Do you have some examples of routes you'd like to merge? This will give us a clearer idea.
    Best Regards,
  • Nichol
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    Hi Daniel. For an example of two routes I would like to merge would be:
    MyDrive > Road Trips > Rider route collection > Adventure Bike Rider: Cotswold Way
    Tourenfahrer - West Midlands

    I can copy them individually to My Routes, but I would like a simple way to merge them into one route please.