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I have a TomTom Carminat in my Renault Scenic (2010)

I have a map update subscription that is due to run out in 78 days (Tomtom Home)
The Home (desktop PC) app is saying in the top right hand corner that 'newer versions of your map are available, get then from as little as £9.99 per quarter.....'
However when I click Update, all I get are map shares and quick GPS fixes.
I last updated it on 27th Feb 2019 which I presume fixed the date bug, but why isn't the indicated map update being made available. The currently installed map is 1025.9389


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    Hi @MrPeaski

    !0.25 is the latest update as in this announcement. You did your update the day after it was released.

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    @ DougLap

    Thanks for that, only registered here today so haven't seen the announcement you mention. But I think I got an email saying as much.

    Strange that the Home app says updates available though.

    I must admit, I don't update that often, as every time I do it deletes all my favourites and Home location.
    I've learnt to add any new favourites to a dedicated POI category and restore them back to favourites once the SD card is put back in the car but its a bit of a faff.
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    Tip to save your Favourites.

    Name the dedicated POI category _Favourites - that's starting with an underscore character. Then when you ask for POI, Favourites will show as the first item alphabetically.
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    @ Carminat

    Nice tip, i'll do that.