I have put a new 64GB San Disk micro disk in to my TomTom GO 510

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Can any one tell me why the sat nav does not reconise the new disk.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Roadrunner1952

    Max size Tomtom units accept is 32GB. Micro Sd Class 10 will do.

  • justmebrowsing
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    ....BUT you'll also need to upgrade your bootloader for that older device to read bigger cards too:-
    Virtually all larger capacity SD cards and microSD cards are now classified as SDHC and will not run in older devices without changing the system (bootloader) file.

    This applies to all pre x20 models like the x00's, x10's (510/710), Ones & One XL's (that have not previously seen/booted from an SDHC card).

    To check what bootloader you're currently using tap bottom/right of your screen then tap the "version" box where you will see the Boot number. If this is lower than 5.5120 then you need to change it.
    If you're already running bootloader (5.5120 or higher) alreadyyou can ignore these instructions.

    You'll need to search around the web for "bootloader 5.5120" as I don't think I'd be allowed to attach a copy here but once found/downloaded, copy/paste/overwrite the "system" file (extracted from the 5.5120 system file.rar) to your current standard SD card or internal memory and boot up once with that new system file then it will read your new SDHC card.

    DO NOT just add this bootloader system file to your SDHC card and expect it to run. You MUST first load it to your original SD card or internal memory and start your device. THEN it can read SDHC's.