GO 520,INSTALL maps on a SD CARd TomTom HOME

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Hi, I need to install the map of Europe on SD card and on the Tom Tom Home menu does not get me the


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    Hi @Manuto

    As @justmebrowsing has just correctly pointed out you could be talking about the old GO520 if so ignore the following.

    The GO520 does not use Tomtom Home. It will add maps via its connection to your Wifi with no connection to a PC. Connection to a PC is only used when the Wifi is poor. In which case you Download MyDrive Connect Software rom Tomtom . You then start the software ,connect the GO520 and use the Menu's on the GO520 to load a map.The Mydrive Connect software can run in the background whilst this is happening.

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap Maps
    Tap Add a Map
    Find map you wish to download.

    In the event that you do not have any maps to select from then contact Customer Support to sort your account out.


    If It is the old GO520 is the problem that the SD card you have in it is not big enough to take the map. What ever you do make sure you have a back up.

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    ...this is always assuming this is the new GO 520 & not the older TTHome operated NAV2 GO 520 of course??
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    Hello is the go 520 antique and Home use in an Imac. The capacity of the card is 16 g