error 107 GO LIVE 1005/1000 ST

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what is error 107 on my device


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    Is this when the device tries to connect to LIVE Services?

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    I purchased LIVE SERVICES but it gives me error 107, I immediately canceled, luckily I had done it monthly
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    Trying to reset my Tomtom Go 1005 as it hadn’t been used for a while. Keep getting ‘no GPS’ AND Error Code 107
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    Be aware that for a Live Device, the SIM card is automatically deactivated if the device Live Traffic Subscription has NOT been renewed for 18 months....
    Tomtom sends emails to the affected users and give 28 days notice before deactivating the SIM card... In this in the above circumstance the deactivated SIM cannot be reactivated....

    The error 107 usually indicated that the built-in SIM is disabled, which happens when there is no there is no active subscription (LIVE Services)

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