Cannot release my Rider 450 from its TomTom Rider/Motorbike handlebar mount. So its now stuck there.

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I have 2 of the standard TomTom rider mounts ( purchased in 2017 with the device ) one on my bike which has always worked fine. But the one fitted to my wifes back only worked for a short while.Came back the other day and couldnt release the Rider fromher mount it seems to have seized stuck or I dont know why? Please can anyone help. Although a thief will have the same trouble getting it off its now urgent that I remove it PLEASE Help Thanks


  • Ste7ios
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    Try to apply a lubricant like wd40 carefully (protect the screen before doing anything, let it work for 10’ and then try to draw it.

    A clean close up photo (or photos) may give us a clue...
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    I had the same issue with my 550. I can remove the ball mount, but the actual device will not slide out when pushing back the tab on the connection mount. It was hard to remove from the start, but after about four times it got completely stuck. I'm sending back as defective and hoping to get one that works. It stinks to have to re-position the ball mount every time I want to take the GPS off. Will WD-40 hurt the connection pins if some would happen to get on them? Any help is greatly appreciated!