Map Detail question

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Hi, I purchased a new Go 52 today and am getting acquainted with it. I do have one early annoyance, that is a throwback to the last time I used a portable GPS which was admittedly a llng time ago, and it is actually what drove me to garmin, from tomtom. This is map detail.

For instance, there is a park near me- the map in the mydrive app (android) shows incredible detail- the layout of the parking lot, the name of the park, etc. In contrast, the Go 52's map shows a green square- the park is not named- there is nothing to help decipher what it is.

Is there any way to enable the level of detail that resides within the mydrive app? With Garmin, you used to have to go further up the line to get this "feature".

I am really hoping for an answer on this, as my biggest concern was life traffic versus google maps- and I am very pleasantly surprised with how robust the traffic data appears to be. Thanks 29xh7ktwxgea.jpg