Why is TOMTOM Home on my Mac unable to recognise a memory card on my G520?

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The Tomtom home I just downloaded unto my Mac is unable to recognise the memory card I have in my G520. This makes it difficult for me to install map updates as there isn't enough space on the internal memory. It keeps saying I need to install a memory card despite one being there. Thanks for your assistance.


  • justmebrowsing
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    If it's anything like Windows your PC and TTHome should see 2 drives (one internal memory & one as an SD card) but not sure about Macs
  • TOMTOMG520
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    Thanks justmebrowsing. My Mac could see the internal memory and the Memory card but the TTHome I downloaded could only see the internal memory. I don't know why. My previous laptop was a windows and I used it in downloading maps unto the memory card from TTHome and did not have any problems. Could it be a problem of compatibility between the TTHome and the Mac?