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Stolen Start 25 device- Locate it?

I suspect my TomTom Start 25 has been stolen. I have the serial number. Can TomTom locate it? Can they let me know when it was last used? At the very least, can they render it useless to the thief?


  • MyNameAllreadyExistsMyNameAllreadyExists Posts: 101 [Revered Navigator]
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    See here:

    I don't know if this helps it is from UK

    "Police are also warning that stolen Sat Navs can now be traced.
    Sat Navs registered with, or with the manufacturer on purchase, can be tracked and if the owner knows the serial number, stolen units can be traced by police."
  • justmebrowsingjustmebrowsing Posts: 389 [Supreme Pioneer]
    I can't see that ( helping as all it is a a register of stolen devices which could be checked by the police IF they had a device whose ownership was being confirmed.
    GPS devices are receivers, not transmitters so apart from blocking updates/new services etc TT can't do anything else.
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