Suggestions to improve MyDrive

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Dear TomTom, I red you're collecting feedback to improve MyDrive Beta features.

I wouldn't like to be tagged as "know-it-all" but I use MyDrive really a lot and I think I could try and give some pieces of advice. Unfortunatly I don't know who to write to.

I try writing here.

1. Roads displaying
Roads other than highways are not clearly visible especially when the map is zoomed out. This is bad because it forces the user to zoom in too much losing the overall glimpse and planning a route becomes harder. I could suggest two possible solutions: a) Try to link the thickness of all roads to the level of zoom in order to show them even when zoomed out so that the overall visualization could be as similar as possible to a printed topographic map; b) try removing vegetation details from the map and showing only roads, this should reduce the "weight" of the map allowing for a better zooming. (I have a screenshot that could explain better).

2. Satellite
Add a satellite map layer that the user can switch to while finding his way, as Google Maps allows to. Matching satellite map with road map is sometimes usefull when planning.

3. Multiple single saved trips showing on map
Having the opportunity to select more than one "My Trip" to be shown in the same map would be useful to plan multiple days trips, I mean like showing "day one route segment" + "day two route segment", etc..... Or at least give us the opportunity to plan and save single day trips and then merging them in one.

I know my english is not perfect and my explanation could be hard to understand so feel free to ask if you're interested in more details.