No room in 5100 for update maps offered

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This year's free update of my complete map (Europe without Russia) failed due to lack of space in my 8GB Go 5100. It suggested I choose one without buildings but I was only offered seven alternatives. The smallest of these was "with Scandanavian buildings" because the only one without buildings included Russia so was bigger. I have removed all extras like voices from the device and just fitted the Scandanavian one. The churches of Copenhagen are fascinating but I don't need them!
I can see Europe without Russia, no buildings, still available, but I'd have to pay forty quid!
Is this "blackmail to upgrade" ?


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    Hi @MikeYates

    You don't have to pay for the map without buildings it's the one I use on my GO5100. Our devices have world maps Lifetime.

    - 1/ Add to your device a microSD card, class 10 of at least 16GB max 32GB.
    We have no other choice for the EU map and the cost is moderate for for the service rendered. Without free space on the internal memory (at least 400MB) our devices can no longer function properly.

    For the micro SD card, TomTom uses a proprietary formatting mode performed by your device.
    - Put the micro SD card in the TomTom device, previously formatted in FAT32 with your PC.
    - Reset your device: Press and hold the Power button for about 30 seconds until you hear a drum sound.
    The formatting starts automatically after the Reset, on the screen choose the option "Map".
    - If the formatting doesn't start you can do it manually by yourself.
    ==> go to the main menu of your device (4Dots ....) / Settings / System / Format the memory card / choose the option "Map"

    - 2 / For the Map if you want to do simple, install the full EU map:
    Because of its size 8553 MB MyDrive Connect (MDC) will put it directly on the micro SD card.
    To open the submenu of the map, in "My content" go down in "My Maps", click on the map picture, not on the button and choose "Install Full Map With Buildings".

    - If you want another EU map zone, like EU with UK, or EU without Buildings click on the "Change" button and chose what you want, if the size is to bigger for the internal memory MDC will put it on the microSD.

    - 3 / I advise you to install a small map on the internal memory, Venezuela, the smallest existing map (29MB only 1 or 2 minutes download) or another. Your device will always be functional and with more than one map you will always have the choice of the location of the maps if there is enough space available.

    You can also ask TomTom customer service to add a small map to your device, for example the map of UK which will be more useful for you than Venezuela.I did it for myself with the map of France.

    Look at here:

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    Thanks, LAURE123, but I have tried using an SD card - it was very slow to boot up so inconvenient in general use.
    I will try asking Customer Service.
    Do you know of a way to back-up and re-install previous maps?
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    Hi @MikeYates

    Sorry, but it's not possible to reinstall the previous maps.

    I don't have slowdown problem with my device using the map on my microSD.
    The slowdowns on our devices are caused by the lack of free space on the internal memory.
    Is your microSD a class 10 of a known brand?

    You can try to do a Soft Reset:
    You will not lose anything and this manipulation solves and often unblocks small worries.
    - Press and hold the On/Off button until you hear the drum sounds. This can take 30 seconds or more. The device restarts. If you see a black screen with white text, hold down the button until you hear the drum sounds.

    For more help try TomTom Customer Support.

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    Why, why, why does TomTom not do just a Western Europe map. If it was around 4.5 or 5 Gb it would allow it to go on the internal space and give us enough space for it to work correctly.
    I have a 32 Gb micro sd card, its slow to load.
    I have just updated to this because they stopped updating my old device which I had for just under 2 years.
    I took time to load holiday locations onto it and the maps were working fine. I have been testing it on daily routes to get used to it, on just the 4th day, it now has no maps. The system seams to be working as the arrow is on screen but no backing map is there to show location.
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    HI @Kevin_55

    Have you checked what map you have the description you gives corresponds to having the wrong map for the area you are in. Ie if I select the USA map then being in the UK the screen has no map showing just a Bluish background and the arrow.