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I have bought the TomTom App in my wife Iphone.
But now I would like to move to my Iphone.
Is that possible?


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    Which app are you asking about? The legacy app or the current Go Mobile app?

    If you're talking about the GO Mobile app then just install it onto the new iPhone and sign in with the relevant account.

    If you're using the legacy app then it may be more difficult. If both iPhones are on the same iTunes account then you can just back up the old iPhone and restore it to the new iPhone or transfer it across. Otherwise, you might have to use third party software like iMazing to copy the app. There may be the question of piracy of transferring an app to another iPhone but as the legacy app is no longer supported, that may not be a problem.

    The following has been taken from iMazing's website:

    Here's how to download and manage apps without iTunes:

    1. Launch iMazing on your computer and connect your device.
    2. Select your device in the iMazing sidebar, then click Manage Apps.
    3. View iMazing's app library.
    4. Install apps from the iTunes Store, or from your computer.
    5. Add existing apps from your computer to the iMazing app library.
    6. Delete apps on your device.
    7. Delete apps on your computer.
    8. Check for updates and download them.
    9. Install apps when restoring a backup

    I've not done the above, so I don't know whether it'll work. I've just found the following, again on iMazing's website:

    Note: iMazing can only download apps that you have already purchased or downloaded (for free apps) from the App Store with the Apple ID that's signed in on the current device. If you want to download a new app to your Mac or PC with iMazing, you can purchase it on your iPhone or iPad but not download it on the device. Then, in iMazing, you can download the app, install it on the device, and save the app file on your computer.

    Summing up: If the two iPhones share the same iTunes account then you should be OK, otherwise it may be difficult or impossible to do this.