TOMTOM Urban Rider 2013.- Europe map installation

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Hallo. When my rider was new i had all europeen countrees in my GPS.
Now can i only download one district at time. ex: if ihave north europe in my gps and download west europe am i loosing north europe. Its not poosibble to download to district to the gps at same time.??????????
I have lifetimes uppdates to mine gps.
Sorry for my bad english.
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    The maps have grown too large the 2013 model does not have enough memory.
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    Tomtom forces to have a single map, but the device has room for two, and the device allows to switch between them in "settings" if you load two.

    So far you can load them only manually.
    - Copy the "europe_whatever" map folder from the device and the content of the folder "\maps" to your computer.
    - Update via Home2 to a different partial map. The software will erase the previous one you just saved.
    - Close Home 2 when finished and copy back the old map to the device, both the map folder and the file with the same name that was in \map

    voila!, you have two maps, and still plenty of free space.

    In my last update Home 2, didn't erase one of the maps, but previously it was doing that, so it might happen again.

    Anyway, shame on you Tomtom.

    Also, there are Europe partial maps that cover in a single shot many more countries than the fractions they have decided the Rider are allowed to have. But you have to pay for them. As a result, we have to deal with these miserable tiny maps that, for long distance riders like me, are rubbish. I can't go from Spain to UK or Ireland using a single map, being really close countries with direct communication via ferry, for crying out loud.

    Same on you. Again.
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    What a joke. It seems it's time to start using my phone for navigation like most people do.
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